The Tunnels

The Tunnels are a location in the South-Eastern Louisiana Map. Can currently only be accessed by the maintenance hatch in Nuke Town.

The incomplete subway


The Incomplete Subway, now known as The Tunnels, was a attempt to make a multi-level underground subway to and from different states and sections of town. Do to water levels in only beginning stages of construction was it abandoned do to constant flooding. Later it was used for other purposes such as if a war was taking place in a nearby area or state it was used to transport military armed forces or supplies from the barracks to the battle field. It was later decided if it was used by enemy countries to sneak into town to start war then there would need to be a fail safe. Soon a nuclear silo was installed to blow up the town if this ever occurred. And now the tunnels are home to Creeps who roam and look for prey in the barely lit tunnels.